Budapest the City of Music

Budapest Concert Calendar shows the best upcoming concerts in Budapest. Budapest is an exciting city with a wide range of concerts.

Classical music fans can enjoy operas, operettas, symphony concerts, organ concerts, choir concerts, chamber music in concert halls and historical churches in Budapest.

Jazz music is one of the most popular music genres in the city of Budapest. Let us help you get a taste for some of the best jazz clubs in the Hungarian capital to make your Budapest visit unforgettable.

Folk music and world music are beautiful. Oftentimes you can also enjoy authentic dances, dance shows along with folk music, or even view them on a river cruise in Budapest.

Light entertaining music is abundant in the hundreds of bars, clubs and pubs in Budapest. Some restaurants and bars have live music performances (often included in the price of the dinner, or many of them free concerts). Rock bars, retro disco bars, techno clubs, house clubs, electronic parties, R&B, etc. are all available, mostly at the weekends, when locals wind down after the long week.

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