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Classical Baroque Concerts in St. Stephen’s Basilica

Concerts in St. Stephen's Basilica

Amazing Classical Baroque Concerts in St. Stephen’s Basilica by the extraordinarily talented Duna String Orchestra. Enjoy beautiful baroque music in the largest and most impressive church in Budapest. Experience music by the greatest composers, while admiring the vast and immensely decorated interior of St. Stephen’s Basilica. Concert Venue: St. Stephen’s Basilica Budapest Concert Begins at 20:00 Concert Program in St Stephen’s Basilica …

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Organ Duel – Sietze de Vries and Dirk Elsemann: Palace of Arts in Budapest

Organ Duel in the Palace of Arts in Budapest

Unmissable organ duel in the Palace of Arts Budapest! Two organists will take the stage of the Bela Bartok National Hall in the tradition of noble rivalry between artists. Which one of them will win? Dutch musician Sietze de Vries (1973) and German Dirk Elsemann (1977) are eager to match their skills in a great variety of trials. Concert Venue: …

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Joseph Calleja Sings Arias in Budapest

Joseph Calleja in Palace of Arts Budapest

Palace of Arts Budapest is proud to announce the concerts of tenor Joseph Calleja, who will perform famous arias from operas.  Maltese star tenor Joseph Calleja has been one of the most sought-after opera singers of the new century and was nominated for a Grammy Award. Concert Venue: Palace of Arts Budapest Concert Date: April 19, 2019 Concert Begins at: …

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Ferenc Snetberger’s Guitar Concert in Budapest

Ferenc Snetberger's Guitar Concert in Budapest

Guitarist Ferenc Snetberger will give another fantastic concert in the Palace of Arts Budapest. Ferenc Snetberger has synthesised an unmistakably individual style from the elements of flamenco, jazz, Roma and classical music, is a seminal and exemplary artist of our time, who never fails to conjure up a special atmosphere at his solo concerts. He has released several albums of …

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St. Anne Church Concerts Budapest

Budapest St Anne Church

Enjoy the concert featuring the works by Mozart, Vivaldi and other world-famous composers in St. Anne’s Church in Budapest. The beautiful baroque architecture serves as an excellent backdrop for the classical, mostly baroque music concerts in one of Budapest’s most magnificent church in the city centre. Concert Venue: Downtown St Anne’s Church Address: 6 Szervita Square in District V. (5th district) …

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