Erkel Opera Theatre Budapest by Wei-Te Wong
Erkel Opera Theatre Budapest by Wei-Te Wong

Erkel Opera Theatre

The Erkel Opera Theater is one of the most popular concert venues in Budapest.

Opened in 1911, Erkel Opera Theatre has been the Hungarian State Opera’s second performance venue since 1951.

Originally named Népopera (People’s Opera), the theatre was planned, and funded by the Budapest city council. The main concept was bringing opera to the masses. The theatre was completed in a short period of 9 months.

The Erkel Opera Theatre is not only a very pleasant performance venue for musical stage performances ranging from musicals through ballet, operetta all the way to grand operas, it has also been Hungary’s largest auditorium since its opening. The venue  currently seats up to 1,819 people.

From 1946, the building operated as a movie theatre for two years, before it got back its original function. Erkel Theatre was brought under the supervision of the state Opera House in 1951 and operated as its secondary stage.

The theatre was closed between June 2007 and March 2013, when it reopened after renovations. It serves as a second scene for the Hungarian State Opera and has the largest capacity musical theatre of Hungary.

Opening hours:

Erkel Opera Theatre Budapest is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Public areas can be accessed freely during opening hours.

Address: 30 Köztársaság tér (square), Budapest, District VIII. H-1081




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  1. I have requested – TWICE- tickets for Carmen on Wednesday 25th March, but have had no reply. Please let me know how i can book 2 tickets fro this performance.

    Thank you

    Mr T Gluck
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    • budapestconcert

      Dear Terence,
      Thank you for contacting us regarding tickets to Erkel Theatre.
      Please contact the theater directly at +36 1 332 6150 or jegy[at]

      We wish you a great theatre visit in Budapest!

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