Monteclair's Jephthah at the Palace of Arts in Budapest
Monteclair's Jephthah at the Palace of Arts in Budapest

Monteclair’s Jephthah Concert in Budapest

Monteclair’s Jephthah opera will be performed in the Palace of Arts in Budapest: the performance will be given by Orfeo Orchestra and world-class vocalists.

Join us in the Purcell Choir and Orfeo Orchestra Concert in Budapest in a unique lyric performance of Monteclair’s Jephthah at the Bela Bartok National Hall. Tickets are limited, please make your booking in advance.

Concert Venue: Palace of Arts Budapest
Concert Date: March 11, 2019
Concert Begins at: 19:00
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Concert Program in Palace of Arts Budapest

Monteclair’s Jephthah

Jephté: Tassis Christoyannis
Iphise: Chantal Santon-Jeffery
Truth / AlmasieJudith Van Wanroij
Phinée: Thomas Dolié
Ammon: N. N.
Terpsichore / Venus / A local / An Israelite / Élise / Shepherdess: Katia Vellétaz
Abdon / An Israelite: Clément Debieuvre
Apollon / Abner / A local: Lisandro Abadie
Purcell Choir, Orfeo Orchestra
Cooperating partner: Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles
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