Mozart's Requiem Concert in St. Stephen's Basilica Budapest

Mozart’s Requiem Concert in St. Stephen’s Basilica Budapest

Hear Mozart’s choral masterpiece, the Requiem, on an unforgettable concert in the beautiful and magnificent St. Stephen’s Basilica Budapest.

St. Stephen’s Basilica of Budapest is one of the most beautiful, most significant churches and touristic attractions of Hungary. Enter this majestic building and dedicate an evening to beautiful baroque music by Mozart, while admiring the intricately decorated interior of the Basilica.

VIP tickets are available for the program, which tickets provide seats in the first two rows with the best view of the musicians.

Approximate duration of the concert: 70 minutes

Concerts in St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest
St Stephen’s Basilica Budapest

Concert Venue: St. Stephen’s Basilica Budapest
Concert Dates: to be confirmed for 2024

Concert Begins at 20:00 (Please note that on June 14 the concert begins at 20.30!)
Booking: book your tickets for this Budapest concert on the following page

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Concert Program in St. Stephen’s Basilica Budapest

W.A. Mozart: Requiem


Esztergom Symphony Orchestra

Balassa Bálint Choir

Conductor: Reményi Károly

Eva Dunai – Soprano
Mercedes Heim – Alt
Arpad Palmai  – Tenor
Peter Cser – Bass

Booking Tickets

To be confirmed for 2024

St Stephen’s Basilica hosts various concerts: organ, classical, choir and more throughout the year, please see a wider range of choices for the rest of the year here: UPCOMING CONCERTS in St Stephen’s Basilica

Baroque Concerts at St Stephen’s Basilica

Concerts in Budapest in St Stephen's Basilica
Concerts in Budapest in St Stephen’s Basilica
  • from 8pm
  • Best of Baroque
  • 4 Categories

Organ Nights In Budapest Basilica Concert Series

Inside pf St Stephen's Basilica by M Petravsko
Inside pf St Stephen’s Basilica by M Petravsko
  • From 8 pm
  • Classical Music (Bach, Vivaldi etc)
  • Award-winning organist Miklos Teleki
  • 3 Categories
  • Optional Hotel Pick Up and Drop off
  • Note: the pipe organ is not played

Mozart’s Requiem Concert at St Stephen’s Basilica

St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest
St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest
  • from 8pm
  • To be confirmed for 2024
  • Mozart’s choral masterpiece
  • Esztergom Symphony Orchestra
  • 4 Categories

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  1. Cynthia Wilcox

    Please help me buy 3 A-level tickets to the June 23 Mozart Requiem concert. I tried to use your website but keep getting an error “need a public site key”. I am trying to purchase from the USA. Thank you.

    • budapestconcert

      Hello Cynthia,

      thank you for contacting us with regards to the Mozart concert booking
      We have sent you an email with the necessary details for the reservation.

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