The Best of Classicals in St. Michael’s Church

St. Michael’s Church Budapest

St Michael’s Church Budapest

A unique concert series for all classical music lovers, The Best of Classical Music Concert series in St. Michael’s Church, Budapest.

Travel back in time with talented artists as they perform the very best of classical music, works from Mozart, Schubert, to Händel, Bach, Vivaldi, Franck, Albinoni, Liszt, and Handel in Budapest’s stunningly beautiful St. Michael’s Church.

Concert Venue: St. Michael’s Church, Budapest
Concert Begins usually at: 19:00

Concert Dates:

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Concert Program in St. Michael’s Church, Budapest

  • Händel, Georg Friedrich: Water Music
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Air
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Church Sonata in D major
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Ave verum
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: A Little Night Music – 1st movement
  • Pachelbel, Johann: Canon
  • Massenet, Jules: Meditation (Thais)
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Gloria
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Winter from The Four Seasons
  • Boccherini, Luigi: Minuet
  • Vivaldi, Antonio: Violin Concerto No. 6 in A minor, RV 356
  • Albinoni, Tomaso Giovanni: Adagio
  • Corelli, Arcangelo: Concerto Grosso op. 6. no. 8. (allegro)
  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: Jesu bleibet meine Freude
Please note that the Concert Program is subject to change


  • Budapest St. Michael String Orchestra (Orchestra)
  • Veer, Bertalan (Soloist)
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