Concert Hall in Pesti Vigado Budapest
Concert Hall in Pesti Vigado Budapest

Vigado Concert Hall Budapest

The Vigado Concert Hall Budapest is the second largest and the most beautiful concert hall in Budapest.

It is a wonderfully reconstructed, beautiful classical building and concert venue at the river Danube bank, with a wonderful view of Budapest’s unique UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Vigado Concert Hall by L. Ciuffo
Vigado Concert Hall, Budapest by L. Ciuffo

Vigado Concert Hall offers a wide range of programs of music events ranging from folk dancing to classical concerts, drama performances, contemporary art exhibitions and weekly, guided English tours.

The spectacularly beautiful Concert Hall had world-famous performers on stage including Gyorgy Cziffra, Denes Kovacs, or Sviatoslav Richter. Ken-Ichiro Kobayashi conducted the Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra here.

While the main Hall can host 700 people, the Chamber Hall (for drama performances, chamber concerts and various other cultural events) 220.

Ticket prices:

The concerts and other events are individually priced.

Full price, complex house (for Vigado Gallery and exhibition halls on the 5th and 6th floors) tickets:

HUF 2,500

For students and citizens: HUF 1,600

Admission is free for children below 6 years of age, for persons over 70 years of age, those holding special tickets for professionals issued by the Minister for Human Capacities, educators (currently in employment) in public education, those holding photo press ID cards, people with disabilities and their escorts (maximum one escort per disabled person)

The very first building was totally destroyed by fire in the Hungarian War of Independence in 1848 only after 20 years of the start of its building. The new building was designed by Frigyes Feszl, the same person who designed the Dohany Street Jewish Synagogue, therefore similarity between the two towers of the Synagogue and the facade of Vigado is eye-catching.

That Concert Hall lived a lot of glory in the end of the nineteenth century with very special events taking place there, such as in 1867, when Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria attended a banquet in honour of his coronation. Two years later people had the

Vigado Concert Hall
Vigado Concert Hall

chance to enjoy a first all Ferenc Liszt (Hungarian  composer and pianist, organist) concert.

Unfortunately during the WWII the building suffered a lot of damage. There wasn’t enough money for the reconstruction but in 1954 the Vigado Concert Hall was declared a National Monument.

Still, works only started in 1968 but it wasn’t until 1980 when the Hall opened its doors to the public again. The new building is an exact copy of the original designs. It is a mixture of Oriental and Hungarian Art Nouveau.

Vigado Music Hall facade by Istvan
Vigado Music Hall facade by Istvan

The Vigado Gallery is one of Budapest’s most popular art exhibition centres as there is an Art Gallery inside the building where many contemporary artists ( including Bela Czobel, Odon Marffy) have seen their work exhibited.

A stunning lobby connects to a grand, carpeted staircase that leads up to the concert hall, to a lecture and an exhibition hall on the fifth floor and a terrace on the sixth floor offering incredible views over Buda and the River Danube. This panoramic view from the building is a must-to-see for tourists.

Address: 2 Vigado square, Budapest District V. H-1051

How to get there:

By Tram:

Line: 2, stop Vigado ter

Fountain by the Vigado by J. Silva
Fountain by the Vigado by J. Silva

By Metro:

Line: M1, stop at terminal station at Vorosmarty ter, and walk along to Vigado ter.

Line: M2, stop Deak Ferenc ter, and walk along to Vigado ter.

Line: M3, stop Deak Ferenc ter, and walk along to Vigado ter.


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  2. Any concert from 10 september ti 16 september @ Vigado.?? Opera House

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